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MegaStat Analytics Tools

The following are the contents or analysis tools included in this add-in:

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Distribution of Frequency

A frequency distribution is a statistical tool that summarizes all the distinct values included in a particular variable and their occurrence frequency. In plain English, it emphasizes the dispersion of frequency overvalues. For categorical variables, a frequency distribution is typically preferred. This is because metric variables can take on a variety of different values. However, histograms are the way to go if you want to see frequencies for interval values rather than discrete values.

Theory of Probability

Probability is the probability of an event occurring. Probability theory is a mathematical subject that concerns the evaluation of random events. It is difficult to predict the outcome of an unexpected phenomenon in advance of its occurrence. However, the work may be one of the multiple possible outcomes we predicted. The actual product is chosen solely by chance.

Testing Hypotheses

Each quantitative study attempts to address the hypothesis or research issue that has been established. A hypothesis test is a technique for analyzing and evaluating a research subject. This procedure is occasionally referred to as significance testing. Hypothesis testing is a procedure that begins with the formulation of the study hypothesis. It would help if you kept in mind that your decisions during hypothesis testing may occasionally be subjective and personal. That is, they are influenced by external information.

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What Exactly Is Megastat?

MegaStat is a feature-rich Excel add-in that allows you to conduct statistical analysis from within an Excel spreadsheet. It provides fundamental activities like descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, probability calculations, and hypothesis testing. It is compatible with Excel 2016 and 2013 for Windows. Additionally, there is an Apple Mac version of Excel 2016 for Mac.

Advantages of using Megastat’s

Our Megastat Assignment Help Experts Describe the Various Subjects Covered In Megastat Assignment Help, Including

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics summarize data that can represent the entire population or a subset of it.

Distributions of frequencies

It is a graphical or tabular depiction of the number of observations during a specific interval. Intervals must be self-contained and thorough. The interval size is determined by the examined data and the analyst’s objectives.


In an experiment, this is referred to as the possible outcomes. For example, in a coin flip, the two possible outcomes are head and tail. The term “sample space” refers to these various outcomes.

Validation of hypotheses

It is a hypothesis evaluated to ascertain the link between two data sets. These two sets of data are referred to as the null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis.


It is a statistical analysis tool. It decomposes the aggregate variability within a data set into two components: systematic and random elements.


It is used to investigate the link between a single dependent and unrelated variable.

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