Assignment: Final Report  Below are guidelines for the final report. The report should consist of a memo that is designed for key policy makers and/or stakeholders. The memo itself should be approximately 2-3 pages and should analyze the issue, provide any insights gained from the analysis, and provide brief recommendations for next steps. You can include visualizations (e.g. charts, maps) that help make your point(s) if needed. The purpose of the memo is to succinctly and clearly present the key problem, key findings from the analysis and key policy or programmatic implications/recommendations from the analysis. Please refer to your course for more resources on how to construct a memo.  The memo should be based on the data analysis provided in the document titled “Memo_Data_Analysis” located in the Module 7 folder. This document presents statistical analysis of Ohio public school districts using the OhioDistrictDataAY2010 dataset. Based on the data analysis in this document, you should provide a policy memo that does the following:  1. Describe the problem/question  2. Succinctly summarize the analysis (research design, variables, etc.)  3. Succinctly summarize the findings from the analysis  4. Provide a brief policy recommendation based on the findings. Be sure to use the statistical analysis to support your recommendations  5. Provide a brief discussion of the limitations of the analysis  The final report may also contain supplementary material including an Appendix with additional statistical analysis if needed (this is not required).

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